We offer comprehensive financial plans and portfolio management for pilots. Created BY professional pilots that are Certified Financial Planners.


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All financial planning starts with three basic pieces of information: goals, timelines, and resources.  Take 10 minutes to complete basic information about you.  Don’t know everything from memory?  That’s ok, as estimates are fine for this stage.  We will get exact numbers as we proceed.

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Select a time to spend 30-60 minutes via a video-conference with one of our planners.  We will review your information, explain more about the process, and determine next steps.

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Implement Decisions

The planning process drives and directs your financial decisions based on your goals.  Those decisions need to be implemented. With CAVU, you have the choice of implementing these decisions yourself or having us do it for you.

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Discover a goal-focused, planning-driven approach

You’ve worked too hard at a stressful job, in a harsh environment, to not live well in retirement. You should be free to enjoy each day, fully engaged with your friends - or the grandkids. You deserve to maintain your dignity and independence throughout the entirety of your retirement. CAVU can help you approach retirement with confidence.

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What makes CAVU so different?

Retirement is primarily an income problem. Will your income last through three decades of retirement - in a rising cost environment? CAVU Retirement Planning helps you gain clarity. We guide you in making decisions that maintain your dignity and independence for the rest of your lives.

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We know that preparing for retirement is a challenge. We help our clients take a goal-focused, planning-driven approach, which gives them clarity about the journey and creates time in their busy schedules.

CAVU Retirement Planning was started by Jeff Houghton, a Certified Financial Planner with 30 years of experience in helping individuals achieve their financial goals. He understands that money is just a tool - although a very important one - for reaching goals, creating memories, and leaving a legacy. His clients are on track to live out their retirements with dignity and independence.

Starting your journey, you will:

  1. Complete some basic information, that will take less than 10 minutes. This gives us an overview of your goals, timeframes, and resources.
  2. Schedule your complimentary online consultation, where we describe our process in more detail, answer any questions, and determine next steps.
  3. Make decisions that are goal-focused and planning-driven. We will advise you on the implications of these decisions, then help you implement your choices.

Everyone wants to live well in retirement, but few know where to start or what to do - if they even have time to focus on it. CAVU takes a clear and direct approach, giving you peace of mind today and the ability to relax and enjoy your golden years. Start now on your journey. Why? Because you have worked too hard at a stressful job, in a harsh environment, to not live well in retirement.

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Why should I start now?

Will you outlive your money? Will your freedom be limited? Will you be able to spend time with your spouse or your grandchildren? Will you have a constant worry and anxiety about money?

As a professional pilot, you cannot delay your retirement past age 65.

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Our Services

We are primarily financial planners. We help you develop goals, determine timelines, and identify resources. Once this plan - your plan - is developed, it becomes the basis for the creation and management of your portfolio. The portfolio purely exists to fund your plan. It is only a tool, and is never an end unto itself.

After your financial plan and your portfolio are in place, then the real work begins. Getting on a plan is relatively easy… staying on one for years and decades is hard, too difficult for most people.

You choose how we help and guide you. Our primary focus is a comprehensive approach, which we call our FMS service. We charge a fee to develop your financial plan, and to manage your portfolio we charge a percentage of the assets we manage.

For those wanting more of a hands-on approach, we offer a modular planning system to address specific needs. This option, our DR service, provides coaching, insights, and planning tools in the areas of Cash Flow Management, Employee Benefits, Investment Strategy, and Estate Planning

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An Investment in Your Future

Partnering with CAVU is an investment in your future, helping you gain clarity, confidence, and peace of mind that you CAN live well in retirement, with dignity and independence.

FMS Service

This comprehensive approach has a financial planning fee that varies on the complexity of your situation, with most plans coming in at $5,000. Our investment management fee, discounted substantially for professional pilots, is an annual 1.00% of the assets we manage (our normal fee is 1.5%).

DR Service

Each module in our DR Service package (Cash Flow Management, Investment Strategy, Employee Benefits, and Estate Planning), is discounted for professional pilots by 40%, making them $120 annually. You can mix and match them to fit your specific situation.

Will you outlive your money? Gain clarity on your retirement in 3 easy steps!

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Start Now in 3 simple steps
  • Complete our consultation form - less than 10 minutes
  • Schedule your complementary on-line consultation (30-60 minutes)
  • Relax, confident that the financial plan you construct with a CAVU retirement specialist is the best track for you to live well in retirement
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