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Although CAVU was founded in 2017, it has been more than 30 years in the making.

The Beginning

Our founder, Jeff Houghton, started flying for a scheduled 135 carrier right out of college. Intrigued by financial services, he used his days off to research and study cash flow management, investments, taxes, and estates.

A Change in Trajectory

At this point in history, commuter airlines were charging First Officers up to $10,000 just to come fly for them. And the majors were doing very little hiring. So he made the difficult decision to leave aviation and pursue a career in financial planning.

Recognizing the Certified Financial Planner designation as the pinnacle of excellence in the fledgling financial planning industry, he focused on acquiring the designation while growing his business. After more than three years of study, and upon passing a grueling comprehensive exam, he obtained his CFP® in 1991.

Throughout the next 30 years, Jeff served clients from all economic stratas. He provided planning services and advice for small business owners, professionals from a variety of fields (medical, legal, athletics, etc.), newly-married couples, those just graduating college, and those struggling to stay afloat while under a mountain of debt. Over the years, he developed a deep expertise in sophisticated charitable giving strategies. He assisted many individuals advance causes they care deeply about while generating large tax savings - and passing on wealth to their heirs.

One of the hallmarks of his career is that he views money as merely a tool - although a very important one - for reaching goals, creating memories, and leaving a legacy. “I have seen individuals - and companies - focus on money as the goal. Most of them failed, and the ones that ‘succeeded’ came to realize that, while they had money, they didn’t have much else.”

Back to the Future

Jeff recently returned to aviation as a professional, starting with a small 121 carrier in Alaska. He currently flies the Embraer 175 for a wholly-owned regional. “It’s been interesting to see all that has changed in the roughly 30 years I was away from professional aviation. And it’s interesting to see what hasn’t really changed.”

His time in the cockpit and in the crew room often led to discussions about money. These discussions, and his financial planning background, prompted the creation of CAVU Retirement Planning.

“There is no other financial planning service like CAVU. We are solely focused on pilots, with planning done by pilots who are also CFPs. We understand that pilots, unlike virtually every other career, has an FAA mandated age that forces you to stop working. You can’t come back a couple of years later as a consultant earning the same amount - if not more. You have to have enough income to retire on and, more importantly, make sure it will continue to be enough income over 30 years of retirement.”

We offer comprehensive financial plans and portfolio management for pilots. Created BY professional pilots that are Certified Financial Planners.


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