Welcome to CAVU Retirement Planning!
 Welcome to CAVU Retirement Planning!

Hello everyone, and welcome to CAVU Retirement Planning!

At this moment I am attempting to commute to DFW to pick up my sequence. The flight that was wide open a couple of days ago is now oversold by 4, and even though I’m first in line for the jumpseat on company iron, a Fed just walked up and booted me out of it. The joys of commuting - LOL. But enough about me…..

CAVU was created for pilots, by pilots. We have taken suggestions and ideas on how to best serve pilots as they face a mandated retirement and combined it with more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). The result is the philosophical approach and technology features that you are currently exploring this website.

We understand that you work in a demanding environment. Some sequences seem to be a battle against weather, mechanical issues, regulations, crew personalities, dispatch, management, and unruly passengers on EVERY.SINGLE.LEG. Other days everything goes very smooth, but that’s the exception. Either way, you go about your job with excellence, balancing all these demands to get your flight to its destination safely, on-time, and in a profitable manner.

Being professional over an entire career, you deserve to live well in retirement, maintaining your dignity and independence throughout a retirement that will likely last 30 years.

Our approach is goal-focused and planning-driven because we are convinced that all successful investing is focused on realizing goals. And we view unsuccessful investing as focused on fads and fears of the moment or attempts to outguess the economy or the markets.

Our desire is to simplify the retirement planning and decision-making process. One example is that we leverage technology to make large portions of retirement planning available to you 24/7/365. Through our Client Portal, you can review your current plan and model a variety of ‘what-if’ scenarios. What if your kid goes to a private college instead of a state school? What if you buy that cabin in the mountains or that bungalow near the beach? What if you retire at 62 instead of 65? What if you start a small business or a secondary vocation?

While our software is very good, it can only provide generic guidance. We provide personal planning advice that is unique to you and your particular set of circumstances, timelines, and constraints.

Our simplified (but not simplistic) approach starts with inputting your basic data. In 10 minutes or less, you can input the basic data we need to start developing your retirement strategy.

Another technology we use is online meetings, giving you flexibility in when and where you want to meet. After inputting your basic data, take just one more minute to schedule your online consultation.

During our online meeting, we will review your goals, timelines, and resources. Then we explain more about our approach to retirement planning, the different ways we work with clients, and next steps should you choose to work with CAVU.

Once you choose CAVU - and we think you should - then we start to develop your detailed, personalized plan. After the plan is developed, together we build the funding mechanism for the plan - your portfolio.

The plan gives us the parameters necessary to build a portfolio that, based on historical long-term rates of return, will get you where you need to go. The plan also provides the yardstick by which we measure how well the portfolio performs. We never design a portfolio to beat some mythical abstraction (the market, an index, your neighbor’s portfolio, etc.). We always design your portfolio using high-quality investments that are uniquely suited to accomplishing your most important financial goals.

Accomplishing these steps: developing the plan; building the portfolio, and implementing it - is actually the easy part. It will take a few days to accomplish this, out of the next 10,000 days we will work together in a 30-year retirement.

To re-iterate…. these initial steps are the easy part. What’s hard is to stay on track over the next 30 years, without giving in to the fads or fears that are way over-reported by the mainstream media. Too hard, in fact, for most investors. We are here to help you make good initial choices, and to keep making them over the next 10,000 days.

One more thing - we offer significant discounts for pilots off of our standard fee structure.

Click the “Start Now” button to begin the 10-minute input process, or use the contact form on the bottom of the page if we can answer any questions for you. Get started today, and let us help you develop the confidence and peace of mind that YOU can live well in retirement.

We offer comprehensive financial plans and portfolio management for pilots. Created BY professional pilots that are Certified Financial Planners.


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All financial planning starts with three basic pieces of information: goals, timelines, and resources.  Take 10 minutes to complete basic information about you.  Don’t know everything from memory?  That’s ok, as estimates are fine for this stage.  We will get exact numbers as we proceed.

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Select a time to spend 30-60 minutes via a video-conference with one of our planners.  We will review your information, explain more about the process, and determine next steps.

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The planning process drives and directs your financial decisions based on your goals.  Those decisions need to be implemented. With CAVU, you have the choice of implementing these decisions yourself or having us do it for you.

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