The What, How, and Why

The What

The simple answer is… we help guide you to live well in retirement. Period.

The complicated answer is, well, more complicated. We start with planning to help you define your goals, create your timelines, and evaluate your resources. As you might imagine, this encompasses a wide set of assumptions and inputs. Planning enables you to see how each variable interacts with, and impacts, your goals and your timeline.

We also manage portfolios of high-quality investments that, based on historical long-term rates of return, will help you maintain your dignity and independence in retirement.

Our primary goal is to give you what you need to make decisions:

  • an analysis of your current situation;
  • the options available to you; and
  • the impact of choosing an option.

Our second goal is to give you advice, based on over 30 years of helping others achieve their financial goals. We sell no products, we earn no commissions, we only offer advice.

As choices are made, they need to be implemented - or nothing changes. This is the ‘A’ in the OODA loop of financial planning. You may need to have new wills drafted, or perhaps a portfolio designed. Whatever implementation you need to accomplish, we help keep you on track.

That’s the basics of what we do: first and foremost is retirement planning; the second is managing a portfolio to accomplish the goals of the plan.

The How

We work with our clients in two distinct ways. We have a comprehensive approach where we do almost everything for you - which is our FMS service. We have a second approach where we give you excellent on-line tools and coaching, and you do most of the work - which is our DR service.

The comprehensive approach we call our FMS service. Like an FMS, we pull data from many different sources, compile them, and output information in a concise format, enabling you to make quick and confident decisions. Then, based on input from you, we implement your decisions.

Our DR service is roughly the equivalent of giving you a map, a compass, and a watch. We give you the tools with some coaching and oversight. You develop your options and implement your decisions.

Either way, we offer the same years of experience, philosophical approach, and advice. You choose. We are here to help.

The Why

CAVU Retirement Planning was started because we saw a need for two things: goal-focused planning; and a planning-driven funding mechanism to achieve the goals of the plan. We saw too much advice that was slanted toward a particular product sale, and too many portfolios designed to accomplish… well, we aren’t really sure what they were designed for because they didn’t tie back to a plan. We knew we could deliver on goal-focused planning and planning-driven portfolio management. So we launched CAVU.

We developed CAVU to be unique in the industry. There is no other firm focused on pilots, with planning by CFPs® that are also professional pilots. Here are a few other things that set us apart, things that makes CAVU the right choice for you.

  • Our approach to retirement is completely different from many other firms. We believe retirement is primarily an income problem to solve. Conventional wisdom paints it as a principal problem, so other firms approach it from that perspective. We know humans don’t approach things that way. We don’t ask ourselves if we have enough principal this week to put gas in the car or to buy eggs and bread. Instead we ask if we have enough income this week to put gas in the car or to buy eggs and bread. Approaching retirement as a principal problem is not only an unrealistic human approach, it is frankly a recipe for financial disaster.
  • We reduce expenses wherever we can, and pass those savings on to you. For example, professional pilots only pay a 0.25% custodian fee on the assets we manage. That’s roughly 75% below the industry average. Make no mistake, we charge for our advice and counsel. We have invested years of experience and study to acquire the Certified Financial Planner designation. But we don’t overcharge for parts of planning and asset management that have become commodities.
  • We are line pilots. We understand the benefits of an airline career - the benefits the traveling public sees and envies. We also understand the challenges you face and significant sacrifices you make, parts of the job the general public has no clue about. We know these things because, like you, we live it.
  • Finally, we understand that you are forced to retire at age 65. Unlike many other professionals, you cannot come back to your industry in your previous job, or as a consultant, at the same - or better - pay.

Bottom Line

A major concern about retirement is having the income to sustain your lifestyle through three decades of retirement. It’s a lingering concern that you might actually start to run out of money during those years. CAVU Retirement Planning helps you to gain clarity on this concern, creating peace of mind. Through our planning we guide you in making decisions to maintain your dignity and independence for the rest of your life.

We count it a privilege to assist pilots on their retirement journey, and would love to talk with you about your current path. It takes 10 minutes - or less - to complete your basic information and schedule an online meeting. Click the Start Now button to begin.

We offer comprehensive financial plans and portfolio management for pilots. Created BY professional pilots that are Certified Financial Planners.


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The planning process drives and directs your financial decisions based on your goals.  Those decisions need to be implemented. With CAVU, you have the choice of implementing these decisions yourself or having us do it for you.

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